I live outside of Calgary, will you still tow for free?

Absolutely, if we have agreed on coming to see your vehicle and make a deal, we never charge for mileage, fuel or the tow.  If you live in Calgary or the surrounding areas, just give us a call on 403.818.5206.

I'm moving and can't take my vehicle with me; will you pay me cash to cover my loan on my truck?

We do buy newer vehicles, and depending on the outstanding amount and the value of your vehicle, we may. Just give us a call and tell us everything we need to know so we can make an educated offer.  We base our pricing on condition and present fair market value.

My truck is old and rusty, bad tires, but still runs. I have bought a new truck and need this one gone?

Yes, we will consider buying  your rusty old truck with bad tires.  The condition of the vehicle is generally not a hurdle in making a deal.

** We do not sell parts, we will recycle your ride!

My car caught on fire, and the engine is no good? It is newer, but I just can't afford a new engine, will you buy my car?

Yes, we will consider your car, just give us a call and we can pick it up and tow it to the scrap yard for you.

I am managing my parents estate, and my Dad has 2 or 3 old cars that have just been sitting in his garage, not sure if they even run, and just need them gone? Can you help me?

We work with many people during this difficult time of selling parents estate.  If they have vehicles, we can pick them up at a convenient time for you. We work 7 am to 7pm and will make it an easy transaction at no cost to you.