This company is one of those places I wish could have found long ago.The employer is fair and honest. He treats you like he wants to be treated. This creates a place for employment that is fair for employees and people that do business with them. It especially pleases me, the customer and invites me to keep coming back and recommending it to all my friends and family!
Theresa Gilmero
Gave them a call, did not expect much since most of these places find it frustrating to answer basic questions but Auto Recyclers were awesome! Not only did they help me locate the part but they made sure I was happy and with the RIGHT product. (I have been scammed before- don’t be fooled) I know where to go now. Thank you.
Mustafa Hamzeh
I had an accident, destroyed my car, no collision insurance and I called Bill at Auto Buyers. He was so nice to deal with and he came with his tow truck, gave me cash and took my damaged vehicle away"; in a heartbeat I would call upon Bill and his team to buy my vehicle; hassle free
Pam Lyken
Bill is one of the most professional car dealers I have every met. Not one to buy brand new, I have gone to Bill every time I have needed to scrap my car. His cash value is always fair, and I don't have to worry about trying to sell privately or take my car to the junk yard
Sam Taylor